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What is Unlimited

In concrete terms, "unlimited" means that you do not need to worry about a fixed capacity of space or traffic. Especially if your website gets known almost overnight and is therefore called by visitors from all over the world, no further measures are to be taken by you, because our products are - with few exceptions of less than 0.1 percent - really for almost all applications Unlimited.

In addition to the proper, high-performance website optimization, you should also consider the economical use of resources: a well-developed website allows numerous visitors to surf on your website at the same time, since only little performance is required per visitor. If, on the other hand, you have developed an inefficient website, the number of visitors is more restricted - for this particular case or for truly complex web applications, private servers are more suitable.

What about databases?

In our Unlimited packages, you can create as many MySQL databases as you need. However, please ensure that your projects and access to the databases have been optimized to ensure server stability at all times. In addition, your MySQL databases should not be larger than a few gigabytes - this should not be a major limitation in a Unlimited package.

What content is forbidden?

When you create your web page, you simply keep a simple question in the back of your head, which should influence your development:

"How can I create an interesting and attractive website for the visitor, which minimizes the load on the server?"
If you develop your project using this thesis, you will never get problems with our Unlimited Policy.
Nevertheless, we would like to provide you with some information, which our guidelines strictly forbid:

  • Copyrighted content
  • File sharing, backups, mirroring
  • You must not create websites that primarily target traffic to other sites
  • Access data to the webspace may neither be offered nor published for free or against payment
  • Resellers of hosting products are excluded from unlimited packets
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